Conversation with Ian Hardacre

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Bridgeport Asset Management’s President & Chief Investment Officer, John Fisher, speaks with Ian Hardacre, Bridgeport’s Head, Publicly Traded Equities & Portfolio Manager about the Bridgeport Small & Mid Cap Equity Fund strategy, holdings and recent acquisitions.

Bridgeport Small & Mid Cap Equity Fund provides investors with exposure to a focused portfolio of North American small & mid capitalization publicly traded stocks. The Fund’s investment strategy is to purchase growth companies at value prices by taking advantage of market opportunities through intensive bottom-up research and proprietary company insights.

Since its inception in July 2015 through January 2023, Bridgeport Small & Mid Cap Equity Fund has generated a net annual rate of return of 8.7% as compared to a return of 7.2% for the Russell 2000 and 6.0% for the S&P/TSX Small Cap Index over the same period.

Check out our interview with Ian Hardacre below!