Investment Philosophy

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Driven by Details. Guided by Value.

At Bridgeport, we buy businesses, not stock certificates. By that we mean we conduct thorough research — and only make investment decisions if we fully understand the underlying factors that drive specific companies and their future business prospects. Unlike many of our peers, we don’t rely heavily on market timing or economic trends. In other words, we are not preoccupied with following the crowd. When initiating an investment, we focus on what matters most – meaningful facts about the company and its prospects.

We Think Like Long-term Business Owners, Not Stock Traders (or Speculators)

When we invest in a company, we do so with the mindset of a long-term business owner or private equity firm. This means we focus first on whether a given company operates in an industry we find attractive and in which we want to invest. We then evaluate the individual characteristics of a business, with a particular focus on the factors that will determine whether the business and our investment will be successful over the long term. Our due diligence process utilizes a mosaic of information, including discussions with company management and industry participants as well as channel checks.

Only Our Best Goes into Building Your Wealth

By meticulously analyzing the intrinsic value of companies, we have demonstrated the ability to unearth undervalued investment assets — that’s where the value part comes in. We leave no stone unturned, and only invest in our highest-conviction ideas. Put another way, our “50th best investment idea” doesn’t enter our portfolios for the sake of diversification.

Overall, our investment philosophy can be summed up as a patient and disciplined bottom-up, value-oriented approach to investing.

Personally Invested in Your Financial Success

Bridgeport is structured in a way that ensures full alignment with your financial progress. By this we mean all of our principals invest a majority of their liquid net worth in the same portfolios as Bridgeport’s clients. Put simply, we eat our own cooking!

Our Approach has Paid Off

Bridgeport’s investment mandates have generated strong returns with relatively low volatility since our inception in 2007.