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I founded Bridgeport Asset Management after working more than 10 years as a principal of a Toronto-based private equity firm. As a Chartered Accountant with several years of experience in investment banking and business valuation, I launched Bridgeport with one simple but critically foundational idea: the firm would manage other people’s wealth the exact same way that I wanted – and expected – my own capital to be managed.

What does this approach to wealth management look like? Here are the four key principles that guide how we manage money:

  1. We invest only in high-quality businesses using a long-term, value-oriented approach similar to that of a private equity firm or private business owner. We go a step beyond the typical investor by applying extensive research and due diligence to every investment we consider.
  2. We align the interests of our clients with our own by ensuring that the firm’s principals and clients invest in the same portfolios of our very best investment ideas. This alignment illustrates the complete conviction we have in the businesses we buy.
  3. We provide conflict-free and objective financial advice. As an independent firm, we enjoy the freedom and flexibility to obtain research from a variety of internal and external sources, and our sole obligation is to help our clients succeed.
  4. We earn the trust of our clients by always putting their interest first. We’re known for our responsiveness, integrity and transparent communication with clients. As an integrated wealth management firm, we’re not subject to any third-party pressures or interests. We’re only focused on doing what’s right for our valued clients.

With these four guiding principles in mind, I started managing my own personal capital in 2007. Gradually, other business colleagues, friends and family came forward and asked if I would manage their wealth using the same philosophy. At that point, the seeds were sown for Bridgeport as my investment approach resonated with other like-minded investors.

Through word of mouth and referrals, we have continued to grow our client base and investment team, providing exceptional service, conducting in-depth investment research and generating strong risk-adjusted returns.

As an investment boutique catering to high-net-worth individuals and families, Bridgeport remains firmly committed to the principles behind its launch. By helping investors build long-term wealth through our highly focused, research-driven mandates, we empower clients to approach their financial future with confidence.

As you look through our website you will gain a better sense of our investment discipline, philosophy and unwavering commitment to client service. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or require any assistance with your wealth management needs. We’re always here to help you.


John Fisher
President, Bridgeport Asset Management Inc.