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Diligent Investing for Discerning Investors

Bridgeport Asset Management is guided by a singular purpose: to consistently deliver an exceptional investor experience. Our investment approach is unique and so are the results we achieve. We focus on steady, long-term wealth creation with rigorously researched equity, income and alternative asset investment solutions. We do not offer “off-the-shelf” investment products, manage to benchmarks or engage in short-term thinking. We think and invest like business owners—not traders—and we do it while investing alongside our clients, thereby eliminating many of the conflicts of interests that are common at large institutions. We are proud of the trust our partners have placed in us and we strive to meet their highest expectations.

Independent and Free to Invest Using Our Unique Approach

Since we began in 2007, we’ve remained an independent investment firm — with no formal external affiliations or third-party investment products and pressures driving any of our decisions. This means we’re free to pursue unbiased research from a virtually limitless number of sources, allowing us to be objective and conflict-free in our approach to building your wealth.

We’re Partners and Advisors

As investment managers, we put our money where our mouth is by investing in the exact same portfolios as our clients. This makes us your partner as well as your advisor and ensures a clear alignment of interest between us.

We’re Lean and We Like it That Way

We’re solely focused on serving the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. And when we say “solely focused,” we mean it. We focus on a particular clientele, and don’t overextend ourselves. This allows us to provide dedicated services and a greater level of attention to our clients than our peers.

A One-Stop Shop for All Your Investment Needs

Our investment portfolios are managed directly by us and offered exclusively to our clients. As an integrated firm, we work on your behalf as both financial advisor and money manager, eliminating unnecessary costs and layers that may distance you from your investments. With us, you get everything in one place. This means you benefit from convenience and a transparent partner managing your money.

Working Together with You – As a Team – to Build Your Wealth

We serve you best by being highly approachable, accessible and transparent — while striving to uphold the highest level of trust as we act as your fiduciary. As a strong and close-knit team, we also take a collaborative approach when working with you. Our aim is to forge lasting relationships, while working tirelessly to help you achieve your long-term financial objectives.

Bridgeport Asset Management is registered as a Portfolio Manager, Exempt Market Dealer and Investment Fund Manager in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, and as a Portfolio Manager in Manitoba.