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Take the Higher Road with Us – A Better Way to Build Your Wealth

We want investors to take the higher road to building their wealth, where a greater level of investment service is more than just talk – it’s a promise that we’ve been delivering since we founded Bridgeport. Here, you’re not simply a number being sold investment products, distant and detached from your money, and prohibited from talking to the people who are actually making investments on your behalf.

You deserve better.

You Should Have More
– The 8 “Shoulds” of Greater Service

If you haven’t gathered yet, we firmly believe that you should receive the highest level of service from your investment firm. And you’ve probably noticed we say “should” a lot. Well, that’s simply because we think investors ought to have more. Here are eight “Shoulds” that elevate our client service above the rest.


You Should Have Objectivity on Your Side

One of the reasons we’re able to offer you a higher level of investment service is our independence. We don’t work for a bank, insurance firm or mammoth mutual fund company with pressure to sell products. We’re a management-owned investment firm and this allows us to work for only one person – you! Because we are detached from external influences, we are able to be objective and conflict-free in our views and activities.


Your Money Manager’s Interests Should Be Aligned with Yours

All of our principals invest a majority of their liquid net worth in the same portfolios as our clients. Put simply, we never invest your money in anything we don’t invest in. We eat our own cooking and your success is – in the truest sense – our success too!


You Should Have Dedicated Investment Professionals Focused on You

We are first and foremost a firm comprised of investment professionals, not salespeople. Our team has advanced professional degrees and designations, and we take our fiduciary duties to our clients seriously. This sets us apart from typical industry advisors where sales skill often takes precedence over investment analysis.


Your Money Managers Should Always Be Accessible

Thanks to our concentrated list of clients and commitment to provide a higher level of attention, we pride ourselves on being accessible and completely approachable. We offer clients regular contact and gladly join them on calls or at meetings, whenever we’re needed.


Nothing Should Come Between You and Your Money

The investment portfolios we provide are managed directly by us and offered exclusively to our clients. As an integrated firm, we work on your behalf as both financial advisor and money manager, eliminating unnecessary costs and layers that may distance you from your investments.


You Should Not Be Subject to Product Push

We’re not interested in selling you third-party investment products. We’re here to grow your wealth through investment portfolios that we manage, and nothing else. With us, there’s no product push or pressure to buy anything.


You Should Always Be Clear on Your Investments

Our team makes every effort to communicate with clients openly and clearly. We endeavour to see investments through your eyes, which means avoiding jargon and going all-out to help you understand your portfolio. That also includes clarity on fees. We only receive fees from our clients, and we outline these fees very clearly. We receive no commissions or trailer fees from selling third-party products.


You Should Have a Long-term Financial Plan

A person’s financial wellbeing goes beyond investing. We help our clients outline their long-term financial goals, retirement expectations and how they will meet the financial needs of their loved ones. We assist in creating comprehensive financial plans to achieve these goals, while ensuring you’re able to handle the financial impact of any significant life events down the road.