Bridgeport Private Equity Opportunities Fund

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Investment in private equity has grown nearly eight-fold since 2000 and now represents a significant portion of global capital market activity. But what is private equity? Simply put, it represents investment in the ownership of private companies (as compared to publicly traded stocks).

Investors have long been attracted to the higher and less volatile returns offered by investment in private companies, but historically only large institutions such as pension funds and endowments have had the means to access these opportunities due to high minimum investment requirements and the complexity of investing.

We believe the trend toward companies remaining private for longer periods of time will continue to create significant opportunities for private equity investors. At Bridgeport, we are of the view that it is prudent for investors to allocate a portion of their investable net worth to private equity to diversify their portfolios, reduce volatility and gain access to opportunities not available via the stock market.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the recent launch of the Bridgeport Private Equity Opportunities Fund. Our new fund offers all the benefits of private equity investing enjoyed by sophisticated institutional investors in a single investment vehicle that is designed specifically for individual investors. The Fund’s access to a multitude of established private equity managers across different markets, strategies and geographies is purposefully designed to reduce the inherent risks of investing in this asset class by providing targeted exposure to over 100 private companies.

The Bridgeport Private Equity Opportunities Fund is open-ended, redeemable on a quarterly basis and eligible for all types of investment accounts including corporate accounts, trusts, RRSPs and RRIFs.

Please feel reach out should wish to learn more about this opportunity and how to increase diversification in your portfolio in an efficient manner.

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